Consultation Procedure

All consultations are 'one-on-one' in a friendly informal setting. However, spouses, partners or parents are welcome in the sessions. Before treatment commences the disease/condition(s) of the patient are established and their causes (if possible) are identified. Usually a diet history (record of normal food and drink intake) is then taken. This record of normal eating patterns is used to identify problem areas and to 'tailor make' the dietary advice. The dietary education then commences, firstly on how diet (food and drink) influences their condition, and then on practical changes that can be made to improve or cure the actual disease state. In each case 'food choices charts' are used to list foods to choose and foods to limit. Brand names are provided for each of the food groups, and nutrition panel shopping guides are given. For the long term applicability of the dietary advice, particular attention is given to learning how to discern which foods are and are not ideal choices. All dietary instruction is provided in written format as well so that patients have information to refer back to at any time. Recipes, dining out and take-away selection guides, and meal and snack ideas are also provided.